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At Joe's Car Connection we are proud of the quality pre-owned vehicles we sell, and our dedication to serve the needs of our customers. This is reflected in the amount of repeat business we receive. You can trust and rely on us, and nothing shows that better than our doors being opened to you for over 37 wonderful years of business. Whether this is your first purchase with us or one of many, you can count on our dedicated sales staff to make it the easiest and most pleasant buying experience possible!!!!!

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Suzanne Krise - 2015 Fleet Sales

...Suzanne Krise...

I must be perfectly honest, I met Joe casually thru my works drive thru window. He and his staff are just naturally warm and personable. knowing Joe sold cars I asked some buying advice, which he gladly gave me. so begins our journey. I bought a car off Joe. great deal! had it 7 yrs not one mechanical issue. My daughter bought a car, great deal again by the way. 2 days later she drove me home. when she pulled into the drive we heard a weird noise. told Joe he immediately had her brakes checked and fixed the issue, no questions asked. Needless to say next came Hubbies truck, noticed Joe had 1 basically took it sight unseen, knowing we would love it, we did. next wrecked car needed another. Again Joe found me exactly what I was looking for and awesome deal again none of us having any issues. now do to circumstances Im looking for another. And as usual Im so excited to see what he is able to help me find. Thank you Joe to you and your staff. Joes car connection is your old fashioned long forgotten Business that truly cares for their customers.

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Troy Jones - 2016 Fleet Sales

...Troy Jones... 

Joe picked me up from airport....yeah...even stayed late for my testing of the work vans...GREAT DEAL...Thnx again deal around on AWD work's worth it...I flew in from Colorado...CALL JOE 1ST!!!

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Bret Uzelac - 2016 Fleet Sales

...Bret Uzelac... 

As a dealer of 20+ years at Auto Gallery in Woods Cross Utah, I have to say that I don't only appreciate the professionalism that Joe exhibits with us as a competitor, but more importantly his sincere effort to be a fine example of kindness and concern for those he deals with. Thank you Joe for showing me how to be a better man and for your example on how to be that kind of guy in the car business.

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Steve Thon - 2016 Fleet Sales

...Steve Thon... 

The easiest truck buying experience I have ever had. Fast, fair, friendly. Go to Joe's first.

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Nate Gracey - 2016 Fleet Sales

...Nate Gracey... 

As good as it gets! Don't waste your time looking anywhere else.

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Scott Cole - 2017 Fleet Sales

...Scott Cole...Joe has a special knack for finding good quality work trucks and vans at reasonable prices. The salesmanship is amazing.

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Nathan Holt - 2017 Fleet Sales

...Nathan Holt...
Bought my work van from Joe's Car Connection, Great Dealer to work with would recommend anyone looking for a great used vehicle.

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Marty Gomez - 2017 Fleet Sales

...Marty Gomez...

I have known Joe's Car Connection for many years and have gotten several cars over the years and it is always the best deal I could have hoped for, honest & fair.

 His great reputation as a true professional is a credit to the industry, a kind and courteous staff but most of all his vehicles are always in prime condition. I highly recommend Joe's Car Connection for a personable and trustworthy experience and a great deal!

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Travis Clark - 2018 Fleet Sales

...Travis Clark... 


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Taylor Campbell - 2018 Fleet Sales

...Taylor Campbell...

Excellent selection of quality vehicles, friendly and knowledgeable staff, prompt correspondence. I can't say enough good things about the folks here. 15/10 would definitely recommend!

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Bryan McAlister - 2018 Fleet Sales

..Bryan McAlister...
Joe makes buying vehicles simple with no pressure. I buy vehicles for my fleet and it has been nothing but great.

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Dixie - 2018 Fleet Sales

...Dixie S...

A very honest company to work with. Thanks

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Kim Warriner - 2018 Fleet Sales

...Kim Warriner...
Honest and fair. Enjoyed the opportunity to look thru the trucks and vans, test drive and not feel pressured. Ended up buying from him and very satisfied! Thanks Joe!

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Allan Young - 2018 Fleet Sales

...Allan Young...

Bought a cargo van that we are converting into a camper, Joe was Extremely helpful and the van we bought was in very good condition at a very fair price. Would definitely buy here again!

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Allan Sanders - 2018 Fleet Sales

...Allan Sanders... 

Great place

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Clean Cuts - 2018 Fleet Sales

...Clean Cuts...

We bought a great truck at a great price. And it’s treating us well!

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Derek Fonnesbeck - 2018 Fleet Sales

..Derek Fonnesbeck... 

First of all, lets talk about Joe from Joe’s Car Connection. This is the guy you deal with when you buy here, the same man with his name on the classic sign out front. There are no salesman, there is no financing available, there are no bells or whistles except humble hospitality. Just Joe and one piece of paper to sign. You sign when YOU want to, not when Joe has you cornered in his cubicle with his sales manager looking at the clock. The deals and prices are usually as is, negotiable based on how much the man himself paid for the vehicle and how long he has had it. Simple. Just ask Danielle. She makes Joe’s life easier in the office. Go in and let Joe make your life easier like he did mine. It was the best buying experience on a vehicle I have had, ever. If you want to support the place on Main Street in Roy, Utah doing real American business the same old fashioned way for 38 years, you know where to go. thanks Joe.

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Dennis Lawson - 2018 Fleet Sales

...Dennis Lawson...
The only place to buy a vehicle. They are honest and very truthful.
Would recommend them to anyone!
Dennis Lawson "Bear" 

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Jennifer Staten - 2018 Fleet Sales

...Jennifer Staten... 

He is great to work with. Very honest. We got a great deal on our new truck.

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Marsha - 2018 Fleet Sales

...Marsha Higley...
We were looking for a good work truck. We found it at Joe's Car Connection!
They have a good selection of work trucks. They are very friendly and truthful. We were able to take our time looking at trucks and not feel pressured into buying. We were able to find the truck that suited our needs at a fair price. I would highly recommend Joe's Car Connection!

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Donald Morgan - 2019 Fleet Sales

...Donald Morgan... 

Great place to buy a commercial vehicle. Joe is great to work with! No pressure!

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Tyler Sill - 2019 Fleet Sales

...Tyler Sill... 
Joe was really easy to work with and not pushy like other car dealerships. He will make you feel like a friend, and not another paycheck. I would highly recommend Joe, at Joe's Car Connection!

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Carter T - 2019 Fleet Sales

...Carter T...
Joe and his team were very professional and acomadating! Usually buying a car is a terrible experience, but at Joe's it was very easy and pleasent purchasing my vehicle. Joe was efficient coordinating lease arrangement with Leasing Corp of America. Thanks Joe, See you again!

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Park City Location - 2019 Fleet Sales

...Park City Location...

Joe is great! He takes pride in his work and should. The vehicles he sells are in great condition and he offers a fair price. He does a great job finding hard to find models.

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Elizabeth Pratt - 2019 Fleet Sales

...Elizabeth Pratt...

Best people to work with

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Rex S - 2020 Fleet Sales

...Rex S...
This business has been a blessing to our business.
Great vehicles, easy to work with.
Simplicity is key and they make it simple.
From New City HVAC

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Flyover Town - 2020 Fleet Sales

...Flyover town...
We haven’t even finished our deal with Joe yet and I’m perfectly comfortable with giving this place five stars. We already decided after we run this truck to the end we’ll try and buy the next one from Joe too. He’s an honest guy and that’s not easy to come by from a dealer.

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Adam Fullmer - 2020 Fleet Sales

...Adam Fullmer...
Joe has been the first good vehicle dealer experience of my life. If you need any truck, go no further. His price was the most fair I had all over Utah. I was thrilled the whole process. He responded quickly to emails and calls. He is honest and fair. He is an incredible and positive individual. Thank you Joe.

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Shane Mang - 2020 Fleet Sales

...Shane Mang...
I rarely leave reviews, but was so impressed with Joe, who is the most personable and genuine car salesman. I am now a forever client. If google would let me, I would give him 10 stars!

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Mr. Boden - 2021 Fleet Sales

...Mr Boden...

Joe is a good dude. Very friendly and honest. I was able to get me into a work truck that I needed very much. Thanks so much Joe!!

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Sidney Garrido - 2021 Fleet Sales

...Sidney Garrido...
Joe was extremely kind, and patient with my family and I through the process. I felt he did everything within his power to best support me, I felt a lot of care and consideration as a customer. Grateful for car salesmen like Joe!

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Nick Tormey - 2021 Fleet Sales

...Nick Tormey...
Went to Joe after having a really tough time finding a van. He hooked me up with an excellent cargo van at a great price, and I couldn't be happier with it. Joe is extremely personable and I highly recommend going to him; I certainly will if I need a van or truck in the future.

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Aron Wolle - 2021 Fleet Sales

...Aron Wolle...
Joe is one of the Rare Old Breed Guys, who, you do not come across often. We bought an '05 F-650 Roll Back Tow Truck. Joe did the Absolute Best Job, of Taking Very Good Care of Us.
We are Extremely Pleased with our truck, and the Service, Joe did for us.
Definitely go see him for your next work truck! Thank You! Joe.

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Marty - 2021 Fleet Sales

...Marty Gomez...

Great service, great people. -m-

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Nick Tormey - 2022 Fleet Sales

...Nick Tormey...

Went to Joe after having a really tough time finding a van. He hooked me up with an excellent cargo van at a great price, and I couldn't be happier with it. Joe is extremely personable and I highly recommend going to him; I certainly will if I need a van or truck in the future.